Faxon Firearms Products

We are proud to offer Faxon Firearms products to our customers. Faxon firearms was founded and is based by life long firearms enthusiasts who happen to have over three decades in the machining business. They also founded the ARAK platform, which combines the best features of both the AR and AK firearms platforms. The ARAK upper receiver is designed to seamlessly fit onto a standard AR lower receiver and can be installed using the standard take-down and pivot pins in about a minute. By choosing from the many different Barrel Assembly Units (BAU’s) offered in a multitude of calibers, profiles, materials, and lengths the ARAK platform can be easily configured to meet any mission profile.
Faxon also offers a full line of barrels for the AR platform and others, and they are regarded as some of the most reliably accurate barrels on the market, and are used by three gun and match shooters all over the country.

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